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Car seat tray for travel

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Papa I’m bored, Papa I’m hungry, Papa and many other things you hear from your son, especially during travel and long trips, and this is because he’s really tired and uncomfortable and has energy that he wants to put out, that’s why we brought you a car seat tray that will not make your son tired again because he will be able to use it for drawing and coloring Or eating and he will be comfortable as if he is exactly at home
Advantages: – It will help your son spend a good time and have fun while you are traveling – He will be able to draw, paint, eat on it and also put his tablet – If the food comes out of it, it will not reach the car because it has high sides that prevent him from descending on the ground and its water-resistant material will keep your car clean and tidy -It has side pockets to put food, colors, and toys -The pockets are transparent so that he can see what is inside them and there is nothing to lose from it -He can also use them at home and put them flat on the floor or table and paint on them -The straps are adjustable to ensure that they are suitable for children of all ages -Description:- Child car seat tray – water-resistant – Dimensions: 40 x 34 x 3.5


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