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Double face washable adhesive 3 meters

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Double Faced Adhesive Tape – 3M Length – Magic tape with high viscosity gel with strong viscosity, the tape with a strong grip can hold objects on most smooth surfaces. It can also be used to attach many things such as carpets, tables – the double-sided tape is easy to remove and will not damage your walls or surfaces without leaving residue or glue when peeled off. No More Drilling Holes for Hanging Posters, Picture Frames – When the double-sided tape gets dirty, you can wash it with warm water and dry it to restore its hardness.


It’s reusable and can be used multiple times – the masking tape can hold small items on smooth surfaces so it can stick to whatever you want, such as keys, pens, ornaments, wall hangings, kitchen utensils, complete drawing tools, picture frames, posters, power strips


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