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Emoji Alarm

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The alarm clock has a distinctive shape and has more than one thing that you can use, it has light because if the child is healthy, he stays in a light light, he does not go to sleep, and there is more than music to choose and you can use as a way for your child to sleep with it because it has soft music that will help him, it has a button that stops the sound from it and you can leave it only for children You can use it to decorate your room because its shape is distinctive and its colors are cheerful, and you will use it on your desk because it has a clock.

  • 12/24 o’clock
  • *Features*
  • Alarm with a digital screen with emoji
  • An alarm with a light so that your child is not choked
  • An alarm with more than one song to choose the one that suits you
  • And also in an hour to put it on your desk
  • It also has a feature that you control the 12 or 24 o’clock
  • There is a visitor that you can stop the alarm from

There is a place for the USB charger connection

  • *Product Details*
  • Power: 2.5 Watt
  • Strength: 5v
  • Weight: 270
  • Product size: 110 * 105 * 93
  • Product Model: BWBQNZ-01
  • Random color

* *Content of the box *

  • Alarm
  • USB connection
  • Instructions book •


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