Girls’ Hair game

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• *Features*
• The game will help your daughter in that she learns to comb her hair by herself because it has a comb
• The game will help her to know the difference between colors because it has a set of accessories of different colors.
• The game will help her to be creative and learn to coordinate colors.
• It will increase her self-confidence and make her feel that she is creative.
• It will improve her focus, develop her hand movement and help her coordinate with her eyes.
• She will develop her mental and motor skills, expand her imagination, and develop her aesthetic sense.
• *the description*
• Hair accessories game for girls.
• Package Size:
• 27 width x 19.5 length.
• Suitable from 3 years of age.
• *Package Content*
• 6 x hair strands.
• 3 x hair thread.
• 1 x comb
• Beads decorating hair


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