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Illuminated mirrors with LED lighting and powered by USB with a fan

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  • *Features*
  • – Practical mirrors: 3 in 1 with mirrors, fans, and LED lighting
  • – With a very practical design, you can attach it to your feet and put exact makeup in strong lighting
  • – Charging with a USB cable that comes with it, or petals of batteries
  • – The lighting of the mirrors works by touch, and it has 2 buttons for the fan and the lighting
  • – It has a magnifying lens 5 times any other mirrors
  • – It has three levels of lighting, so you can choose the one that suits you
  • – Made of high-quality glass, to provide high definition and excellent reflection
  • – Mirrors provide natural and soft lighting, they will help you when you apply your makeup
  • – You can turn on the fan and the lights at the same time because everything in them has a special button
  • – Mirrors move in almost all directions, so you can adjust their angle according to your needs.
  • *the description*
  • the color is white.
  • Material: ABS and PS.
  • *Package Content*
  • 1 mirror – USB charging connection •


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