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Nicer Dicer Fruit and Vegetable Cutter

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it will spare you from most knives and devices – salad is an essential dish because it provides our body with all the nutrients and vitamins that the body needs, but the problem we all face is that cutting all kinds of salad is very tiring and takes time, but now with Nicer Dicer the job became easier and more comfortable with one device,  you will cut everything and take care of the health of your family

– Features: It will save your time and reduce the number of bowls you use – It has a potato peeler or any type of vegetables and fruits that you want to peel – It has a weapon to cut round slices for French fries, carrots, cucumbers,.. – It has a piece that you can hold on to the end of the potato or anything you need to cut it for Tareesh – she has a weapon that makes small cubes, you can cut the cucumber into cubes, and on the side of it a weapon that makes medium cubes for tomatoes and peppers, or according to what you want (cut the vegetables or fruits in half and put them on the side and close them) – it has a grater for carrots, onions, tomatoes, for turkey cheese, …

– It has a weapon for slicing fruits 4 or 8 pieces, like apples, citrus fruits, guavas, and vegetables, as well as tomatoes – It has a weapon for slicing cucumbers and potatoes into slices lengthwise, and next to it there is a weapon to cut large cubes of taro and potatoes, for example – All of this you do and put in a box on which all these weapons are installed, I mean, you will not need any dish under it, and at the same time the box has a lid after you finish. You can close it and put the salad in the fridge until breakfast time – you can make a vegetable salad with it and a fruit salad as well – the salad dish will look very chic like the one on the outside because each piece is the same size as the other – Very easy to clean –

Description: Capacity 1500ml – Sharp stainless steel blades – Top cover with self-cleaning function


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