Projector for teaching drawing for boys

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– It will increase his self-confidence and ensure that he is creative – It will increase his focus and develop his hand movement and help him coordinate between it and his eyes – It will develop his mental and motor skills and expand his imagination – It will develop his aesthetic sense – It will help you discover and develop your child’s skill and help him see the artist inside him – How to use: -The piece that is in the form of a table comes out and the four legs that are with it are fixed in it – there is a piece of length (the projector) you open it with a screwdriver and put 3 batteries – you fix the piece that is lengthwise in the table – there are 3 pieces rounded, each piece has 8 shapes, you put it in the open space of the piece Longitudinal – in the form of a crown on top of the longitudinal piece by twisting it to turn it on or off. 

– Once the drawing is occupied, it will appear on the table and your son will be able to draw on it easily – He has a small drawing book that you can put on the table so that the drawing appears on it and your son will draw on it and it will remain an interesting and encouraging idea for him so that he keeps his drawings – Roll the rounded piece to change the shape of the drawing – He has a tool for the plastic costume. Wipe with it the one who painted it on the table-Description:-Projector to teach children to draw-Suitable from the age of 3 years-Table with 4 plastic legs-A longitudinal tool (projector) for fixing the graphics circles-Scanning tool-3-Directional for drawings including 24 drawings-Paper drawing book Empty white to paint in – a color box containing 12 colors.

– It works with 3 AAA batteries. The projector comes with a sketchbook with white sheets, so that the child can draw and color in it. It comes with 12 colors so that the child learns about colors and teaches the skill of coloring and coordination. The shapes you come with have 8 animal shapes, 8 fruits shapes, and 8 different shapes.


  • The shapes and their coloring will increase the child’s knowledge. the description:
  • A coloring projector for children with 24 shapes and 12 colors.
  • Dimensions of the table: 24 cm * 30 cm approx
  • The length of the table legs is approximately 11.5 cm
  • Color and shape: random.
  • Suitable for children over 3 years old.


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