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Rosetta granite pizza pans set

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• *Features*
• The size of the trays is large enough to accommodate the whole family, and also suitable for parties.
• The material of the trays is made of granite, which helps in distributing the temperature evenly and ensuring that the food is perfectly leveled.
• One of the most important features of granite is that food will not stick to it and you do not get tired of looking at it from the tray.
• The trays are easy to clean, which means you won’t have to worry about cleaning them.
• You can use it for basbousa and harissa, not just for pizza.
• *the description*
• Brand: – Rosetta
• Material: – Granite.
• Sizes:- 32 – 34 – 36 cm.
• Depth of 32 cm: – 3.5 cm.
• Depth of size 34 cm: – 4 cm.
• Depth of size 36 cm: – 4.5 cm.
• Color: – black – red – purple.
• Quantity: – 3 trays.
• 2 liters.
• *Noticeable*
• Use a sponge to clean and do not use a rough cleaning tool.


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