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Smart Watch t55 Plus

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• *Features*
• The watch supports Android – ios and is connected through the hryfine application.
• You will be able to change the existing display through SHORT MENU and click on the icon in the form of squares on the watch.
• It contains most of the social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.
• The quality of the screen, and this is because the lighting of the screen under the sun’s rays is very strong
• Privacy, you will be able to set the watch with a password to know how to maintain your privacy.
• It has a mic, and this makes it easy for you to answer calls, even if the mobile is not next to you and the numbers are recorded in it.
• The watch works in touch and is fast too.
• Supports medical measurements (heart rate – pressure – oxygen).
• Scroll button to move and control the clock.
• The watch supports many languages ​​such as French – English – Arabic.
• It has 3 backgrounds and you can change the shape of the background with a picture of you through the application.
• The watch can be attached to regular magnetic tape (it does not contain magnetic tape).
• The silicone watch band so as not to cause any sensitivity to your hand.
• A strong sensor for the watch, as it opens the first time you move your hand.
• You will be able to play music through the watch, and if you are running or walking, it will count you the number of steps.
• The feature of calculating the hours of light and deep sleep and the long hours of sitting.
• *the description*
• Model:- T55 Plus.
• Battery:- 200MAH.
• Screen size:- 1.75 inches.
• Bluetooth:- 4.0.
• Screen resolution:- 320×385 pixels.
• The possibility of changing the atmosphere:- 44.
• Charging time: 2-3 hours
• Operating time: – 12 – 36 hours.
• Charging time: 2-3 hours.
• Transmission distance: – Approx. 10 meters.
• Bracelet: 260*20*2.3cm.
• Color:- black, navy, pink, red, light gray
• *Package Content*
• 1 x Elastic.
• 1 x clock head.
• 1 x Information Booklet.
• 1 x Charging Connector.•


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